The following is a sample set of customized software solutions developed for our clients.

Laser View Data Conversion Tool

An easy to use window based application for performing pivoting and adjusting of large volumes of inspection measurement data. Providing a variety of options for manipulating the data, this tool would transform raw pipeline measurements into new data formats for rendering in 3D modeling software used for visual inspections.

Xerox Document Analyzer

Developed through a Xerox partnership, the Document Analyzer operated as multi-server fault tolerant service to allow anonymous users to upload documents via the internet and receive details on the print costs of those documents. With an emphasis of the security of sensitive documents, special considerations were made to ensure that documents were kept only long enough to be analyzed and would then be destroyed, and that only statistical information would be stored without any trace of the original document.

User Registration and SaaS Licensing System

An ASP.Net 3.5 website built to co-ordinate the registration of users, deployment of required server applications, and secure download of supporting desktop software. The licensing system was built to support multiple product lines, allowing users to initiate product upgrades and access service reports, while supporting the different branding used by the client and their partners.

Cash Office Reconciliation Software

This Windows software provides a user friendly interface for the entry and the easy reconciliation of daily cash outs to cash counted; specially formatted summary reports are then printed to thermal receipt printers detailing the denominations and results of the reconciliation.


A peer to peer windows service used to provide secure messaging between customer hosted sites and the client's environment. Running from within the client hosted environment, the tool would provide bi-directional messaging and data transmission without the need for special proxy or firewall configurations.


By implementing dynamic macros and scripts, the Gutenberg suite of tools provided a highly configurable way to manage long running test passes involving the automated deployment of printer drivers, the printing of documents, capturing of vital print statistics and thorough clean up. The Gutenberg tools were also used to easily and rapidly deploy printer drivers to print servers and the bulk capture of print data for research analysis.

Project Management Web Site - SharePoint

SharePoint implementation of a Project Management site with automated workflow for project site creation with form templates and dynamic generation of Excel based project status reports.

Other assorted projects include:

Development of custom Facebook applications, using XML APIs for communication with Facebook services and implementing Facebook Markup (FBML) and Facebook JavaScript.

Development of Microsoft CMS web sites with full content authoring workflow.